Fan Theory About Tyrion Eavesdropping On Jon And Dany Makes So Much Sense

In the final of Game of Thrones yesterday, a story that was a whole season in the making finally gave rise to the long awaited sexual scene between Jon Snow and Daenerys.

The fans, however, did not fail to notice a Tyrion who seemed very distressed listening to both outside his room, a behavior that led to several theories.

This theory of fans, however, makes a lot of sense. Redditor Ikkbinz explains in his publication why Tyrion is not happy with the fact that “Jonaerys” eventually happens, and it is not because he is in love with Daenerys, so many people have speculated.

“I was confused why Cersei changed his mind so quickly to join (or as we know later, at least not to fight) Danaerys and Jon after the speech at Tyrion.

It is strongly implicated that there was an additional dialogue between the two off-screen. I think Tyrion promised Cersei that his son would become the ruler of the seven kingdoms after the death of Danaerys.

The last episode we talked about a bit, and for the knowledge of Tyrion, Dany does not want to talk about inheritance, because someone will not have to follow her on the throne (even if democracy was involved, I do not think this would happen, though Tyrion must know that you can not change 7 kingdoms to accept magic democracy).

This would also explain why Tyrion seemed distressed when he heard Jon and Dany on the ship, because if he has a child, he can not keep his promise to Cersei / he should talk to Dany about his promise made.

I would even say that if all this is true, this is how Tyrion will die. I can not see Dany ignoring that behind her back, especially since it would look like her loyalty, it depends on her family. ”

Basically, this theory suggests that when Tyrion realized that his sister was pregnant, he led her to accept a truce promising that her son would become the ruler of the seven kingdoms after Danaerys’ death.

It is evident that Tyrion came to some sort of agreement with Cersei, because he had already rejected a truce.

Now, if Daenerys were pregnant with Jon, this would mean that Tyrion could not keep his promise to Cersei.

It is worth remembering, at this point, that the program has dropped a lot of indications about Daenerys getting pregnant this season.

In episode 6, Jorah leaves Longclaw with Jon Snow and says, “May it serve you well and your children after you.”

Again, during the season finale, when Daenerys tells Jon, he can not have children because that’s what Mirri Maz Duur told him, he replies that Mirri Maz Duur may not have been the most reliable source of information .

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