US Looking Into Whether Uber Bribed Foreign Officials

SAN FRANCISCO, The United States Department of Justice is investigating whether Uber has violated US laws against bribery of foreign officials to promote commercial interests, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

Uber, based in San Francisco, said it was cooperating in an investigation into possible violations of foreign law on corrupt practices, but did not disclose details. The law prohibits foreign government officials from obtaining or maintaining business.

The news of the American probe arrives when Uber seems to have found a new hand to stabilize the wheel to the service of telephone convoy that happened of a controversy to the following one.

Uber has confirmed further reports that Dara Khosrowshahi will replace Travis Kalanick expelled as the most valued release leader in the world.

However, Barry Diller, chairman of the board, confirmed the election in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“As you probably know, Dara Khosrowshahi was invited to direct Uber,” reads a copy of a memorandum from Expedia’s Board Chair Barry Diller to Expedia employees included in an SEC.

“Nothing has yet been finalized, but after a long discussion with Dara, I think it is his intention to accept it.” Uber and Expedia did not respond to requests for AFP comments about the CEO’s election.

Anyone who assumes their responsibilities to Uber will face challenges, including conflicts with regulators and taxi operators, an end-to-end corporate culture and council members who will fight with investors in Kalanick.

The US government this year began an investigation into Uber’s use of secret software that allowed the company to operate in areas where it was banned or restricted.

A program called Greyball, revealed by The New York Times in March, allowed drivers to avoid detection of transportation authorities by identifying regulators posing as Uber’s customers to deny them.

Teeth in Uber’s image include a visit by executives to a karaoke bar accompanying South Korea, an attempt to unearth the filth of reporters covering the company and improper handling of a woman’s medical records violated India after hailing a Uber ride.

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